Nordic Assistance Association

Statues of association

Approved June 2014


Name, origin, purpose.



The Association was established on 9th March 2004.

The name of the Association is Nordic Assistance Association.

The Association is based in Copenhagen, and Danish law applies to it.



The Association works within the area of Road Side Assistance.

The purpose of the Association is to take care of the common interests of the members regarding authorities, consumer organisations, other trade organisations, suppliers etc.

In all times the members of the Association are obliged to comply with the Code of Conduct of the Association

Members, membership fee



Companies and organisations etc. located in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden or Iceland, can be admitted to the association, provided they offer immediate nationwide Road Side Assistance to cars in all weight classes, using their own vehicles or assistance network.

Companies and organisations etc. can only become members in a country where they have a significant presence.

Companies and organisations etc. can only become members in a country where they have a significant presence.

All issues regarding the membership will be determined by the Members’ Meeting.



Membership is valid when the members’ meeting approves the registration.

New members must pay 12 months membership fee from the registration of membership in order to receive information about the assistance market etc. which current members have paid for and contributed to throughout the years.

New members will have immediate access to the Association’s statistics.

Membership ceases:

a. upon resignation of membership, which must be given in writing to the Association’s address, with a minimum of six months notice before January 1st. For new members not before the end of the first 12 months.

b. the day when the respective company/organisation, no longer qualifies for membership

A Members’ Meeting can exclude a member who in spite of warnings, fails to pay the membership fee, or is unworthy of membership.

Upon termination of membership, the membership fee must be paid proportionally.

A member is not entitled to a share of the capital of the Association when the membership has been terminated.



Members’ fees are determined by the Members’ Meeting. The fee is charged half yearly in advance.

The fee is set, whenever possible, before the calendar year begins.

The fee is the same for all members.

Final due date of payment is two weeks after invoicing.

The Members’ Meeting may establish fees for failure to comply with obligations agreed in a Members’ Meeting in accordance with these regulations.

The Members’ Meeting may decide a lower fee for a specific member.

Member’s Meeting



The Association’s highest authority is the Members’ Meeting. The Members’ Meetings are held at least once annually. The members take turns to host the meetings.

Each member shall designate a person to represent them at Members’ Meetings. Besides the ordinary representatives other relevant persons may also attend.

A member may be represented by another member by written proxy. A member can hold a proxy for not more than one other member.

Any member may call a Members’ Meeting.

Members’ Meetings are convened by ordinary mail or email containing the agenda, with at least two weeks’ notice.

Supporting documentation must be available in good time for members before the meeting.

At least once a year the following items must be included on the agenda:

  1. Report on the Association’s activities during the past year
  2. Approval of Financial Statements
  3. Election of Chairman and Deputy Chairman
  4. Suggestions from members
  5. Appointment of auditor
  6. Budget for the following year

Proposals under 4 must be submitted to the Association no later than seven days before the Members’ Meeting and must immediately be distributed to the other members. If the deadlines are not kept, the proposal cannot be processed unless all members are present or represented at the meeting and consent to the hearing of the proposal.

At the Members’ Meeting each member has one vote.

All decisions, including decisions to amend the Association’s Statutes and the dissolution of the Association, are taken by consensus.

After each Members’ Meeting the minutes are written and distributed by email or mail.

Objections to the minutes must be submitted within two weeks of receipt. Otherwise, the minutes are considered approved.

Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary



During the Members’ Meeting the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman are elected.

The office of the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman shall be rotated among members for periods of two years each.

The Chairman and the Deputy Chairman shall be changed on alternate years.

Re-election is possible.

The Chairman conducts the meetings.

The Association is authorised by the signatures of the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman together.

The Association can employ a Secretary to assist in carrying out ongoing tasks. The secretary is entitled to sign for the Association in order to perform daily operations.

Fiscal year, audit



The Association’s financial year is the calendar year. The first fiscal year runs from the Association’s foundation to 31st December 2004.

The Association’s accounts are audited by an internal or external auditor.


As approved at the Founding Members’ Meeting of the Nordic Assistance Association in Smørum Tuesday 9th March 2004.
Frederik Madsen

Amendments adopted at the seventh Members’ Meeting in Tallin October 9. 2008
Frederik Madsen

Amendments adopted at the fourteenth Members’ Meeting in Oslo November 22. 2012
Frederik Madsen

Amendments adopted at the sixteenth Members’ Meeting in Stockholm 3 June 2014.
Frederik Madsen